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 Character rules

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PostSubject: Character rules   Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:38 am

Alright guys, i do have some lines that you dont cross here!

1: no more thene three characters! If you have a minor character in realtion to one of you three of less, then mention them in your introduction of you character

2: You character profile must include neme, appearence, personality, age, a picture where possible and a few likes/dislikes.

3: NO CHARACTERS FROM OTHER STORIES!! i know that this may upset some of you, but its there as a rule. I dont mind if you use the world from someone elses creation, but no characters!

4: Just have fun, this is here because i know that alot of people like roleplays, but try not to include outside conversation too much, i know that some is unavoidable, but say only what you have too.

Good luch in your roleplay world!!
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Character rules
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